Accounting: We'll manage the numbers for you.

Tedious work made simple.

Monthly Reporting

We offer simplified monthly reports and statements to provide a quick and accurate picture of your business activity.

Monthly Operating Statements

Presents your monthly breakdown of sales, cost of sales and expenses; also called a Profit and Loss Statement.

Balance Sheet

Summarize your total business assets, liabilities and net worth at a given point in time so you can make decisions about capital expenditures or how to improve profits.

General Ledger Report

A record of the dates, check numbers, payees and amounts of all expenses within each of your business accounts. Whether you prepare your records by hand, or using one of the computerized accounting systems, this report will provide you with the assurance that your reports have been properly prepared.

Financial Services

Financials can be one of the most difficult aspects of business ownership. We will manage this for you and keep it all in order. We’ll take care of it all, including: Billing, Accounts Receivable, Collections, Accounts Payable, Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Forecasting, Projections and more!

Bank Reconciliation

We will carefully compare and proof your bank account statements with your balance sheet each month to ensure you are working with the correct total.

Financial Consulting

We will offer you our professional advice to assist with: Lender and Investor Presentations, Mergers, acquisitions, business sales and due diligence.

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Our Process

Our professionals begin the process with utilization of their expertise. We formulate a detailed project plan, review it with you (the client) and make sure we have approval of each step before we move forward. We then begin communication with the employees, guiding them through the new project plan and making sure they are well informed. We then document the project roll back steps and continue as outlined in the approved implementation plan.

Our Approach

Our methods are conducted with concern for both our client and our client’t employees. Our aim is to always put our client’s interests and needs first. Our relationship is less of a client-provider relationship and much more of a partnership. To ensure this relationship is fostered and grows, we conduct weekly or monthly meetings with you to keep the channel of communication open and to keep everyone up to speed with each other.


In order to grow our relationship with our client’s employees we offer to be a part of every aspect of the job. Our team is willing to tag along on sales calls, daily operations and will be there to keep the communications open, clear and useful.

Total solutions is more than our name, it’s our promise.

We will be the base for small-medium sized businesses in our community by providing the most comprehensive and customer-centered services in Payroll, Human Resources, Accounting, and Information Technology.  Our primary focus is to grow our business together with the business owners and the individuals we serve.  We will cultivate a unique experience by promoting a culture in which excellence is expected, professionalism is the norm, and caring for customers is everything that we do.

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