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IT is fundamental to operating your business. We understand. By taking ownership of your information technology functions and technical issues, we free you up to focus on managing your people, growing your business, and improving your bottom line. Here’s how we can help!

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Data Security

Backups, Cyber Security, Anti-virus/Malware protection, and Software Updates are four key layers any IT solution should provide.

Data Backup Solutions

Hard drives fail. Being able to survive those failures is key. One error with your computer could be detrimental to both your security and your stored items. Eliminate the stress of losing your valuable work data/files, let us ensure the safety of your valuable items. We utilize one of the leading backup solutions in the IT industry.  With an affordable monthly rental pricing, we can deliver that solution to your network. We recommend the “3-2-1” storage plan: Three copies of your backups, two on-site, and one off-site.

Cyber Security

We can help you ensure the safety of your business from online predators, bugs and viruses. Firewalls are a key element in linking remote sites and remote users to your main office via VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels. Firewalls can also help protect your users from viruses, malware, and malicious websites. This also ties in with email security to keep viruses, malware, and ransomware out of your network

Anti-Virus/Malware Protection

In today’s world, it’s mandatory to have a good Anti-Virus/Malware protection solution in place.

Software Updates

We will not only install an initial security base for your business but we will continually maintain your safety for the years to come. In today’s world, we have a never-ending stream of vulnerabilities in the software we use every day. Microsoft Windows requires monthly updates to mitigate these vulnerabilities. We will help you manage your server and workstation updates by deploying an update management solution to be sure your systems are kept up-to-date.

Remote & On Site Desktop Support

Whether the issue is on a local or remote computer, we can help to resolve the issue. Distance is no issue for our IT professionals.

Secure Remote Support

We will maintain a secure line for all work conducted off site. This may be over a VPN connection, or a secure remote control tool.

Network Administration

If your business operates from more than one computer, chances are that you are in need of a little network administration. We’ll maintain smooth operations for your business so you can get the job done.


IT Projects

We will work with your current employees to ensure that projects stay on track and that deadlines are met every time. We can assist with a wide variety of IT solutions:

Hardware/Software Implementation

We will equip you with the tools you need to efficiently run your business. Whether you need a new server, or are upgrading your users’ workstations, we can configure a solution to fit your needs. Deploying software solutions can be very complicated.  We can work with your software vendor to ensure a smooth deployment.

VMWare/Hyper-V Virtualization Technology

We can support your remote workers, giving them the access and capabilities essential to working from anywhere.

Data Cabling

We will help you manage and maintain the integrity of your audio, video, and phone operations.

Email Services

We can support existing email servers, as well as implementing new email solutions.  Our professionals are trained and capable of ensuring the safe transfer of all of your emails, contacts, calendar events and more. We also partner with a leading anti-spam/anti-malware vendor to eliminate most of the junk before it reaches users’ mailboxes

Website Design and Development

A solid website is essential to the success of a business. Let us help you build the site that caters to your clients needs and keeps them coming back for more!

Our Process

Our process begins by accessing your current situation. We will adjust our focus from there depending on the needs of your business and the current functionality of the business’ IT Operations. If new functions or technology are vital to the success of your business, we will sit with you to explain, in detail, what is needed and what can be done.

Our Promise

Our core competency is Managed IT Services for SMB ( Small-Medium Business). Total Solutions specializes in setup installation, configuration and support of servers, computers, and data networks. We have network engineers on staff to help you choose, install, configure, and maintain the right hardware and system software for your organization.


Should your business need something outside of the normal IT functions such as a website build, video or photography services, we can provide those functions to you as well.

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